Shota Tsitsishvili
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Works in smoke-blacken ceramics with restored glaze technology.

Honoured artist of Georgia Professor of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Participant of exhibitions in many countries of the world (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Canada, Turkey, etc.)

In 1959 his work ”Marani” honoured silver medal at the world competitive exhibition in ceramics in Belgium.
In 1962 Sh. Tsitsishvili honoured diplome at the analogous competitive exhibition in Prague (”Kula”-a vessel for wine).
In 1997 and 2000 he honoured diplomes and bonuses at the I and II competitive festivals of European Ceramists in Germany.
As creative artists – designers besides presented small-size patterns we also very fruitfully and actively work in the field of modern monumental-decorative and applied arts.
We take in the any request in applied arts as well as in interior and exterior monumental decorative arts.

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Smoke-blacken ceramics with restored glaze.

It must be noted that smoke-blacken ceramics was produced in Georgia in the third millennium B.C. but then the mentioned technique was lost. In 1960-s this technology was restored in the Tbilisi State Academy of art and had big sucsess on the exhebitions in many countries of the world.