Radish Tordia
People’s Artist of Georgia

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1936, 21-th of August, Born in Abasha, Georgia.
1956 Graduated from J.Nicoladze Art Studio, Tbilisi.
1962 Greduated from Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts.
Since 1962 has been participating at Republic, former SU and International exhebitions. R. Tordia’s paintings were exposed at museums and galleries of Georgia, Russia, Baltic republics, Syria, India, Japan, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Spain, Holland, etc.

One-man exhibitions:

Radish Tordia’s works are preserved in the collections of Georgian State Museum of Fine Art, National Art Gallery, Tretiakov Art Gallery in Moscow, Muuseum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Rassian Museum of St. Peterburg, Museum of Peter Ludwig in Cologne and museums and private collections of many other countries.

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