George Totibadze
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Professor George Totibadze is painter, graphic artist, portraitist.
He was born in Tbilisi in teacherís family.
Professor Totibadze is the chief of personal creative workshop of Faculty Fine Arts Tbilisi state Academy of Arts.
He was the member of USSR artistsí union since 1960, nowadays is member of Georgian artistsí union.
His works basically are kept in the Georgian Arts Museum and Tbilisi Sate Arts Gallery.

"Tamada" and "Polikhronion" are part of constant exposition Tretiakovís Pictures gallery in Moscow. Some works of Totibadze are kept in the Georgian Academy of Sciences and in the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, his works also are kept in private collections in Georgia, Russia and other countres.
Professor Totibadze is the author of articls about own creativity and creativity of other artists.
G.Totibadze was awarded with the "Peopleí Friendship " award of the Soviet Union and the "Hhonour" award of Georgia.
In 1988 on First Bienale of the Transcaucasian Artists he has received a gold medal and first degreeís diplome for a picture "Polikhronion".

G.Totibadze permanently participates in Ripublic and foreign exhibitions.
1978y. G.Totibadzeís first personal exhibition in a museum Tbilisi State Acadamy of arts.
1998y. G.Totibadzeís second personal exhibition in the Tbilisi artís house.
G.Totibadze is the member of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Georgian Sciencesí Academy.

G.Totibadze accepts the orders on still lives, multifigured compositions, portraits, landscapes. The price contractual.

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